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Home Watch Services for Mann Enterprises

Properties are checked at least once a week and that check includes inside of the house and outside.

Inside Includes:
  • Water damage
  • Pest intrusion
  • Refrigerator working (if turned off, ensure door is open and no mold)
  • Air conditioner is operational and set properly
  • Water is turned off
  • Run water monthly and fill all traps, including washing machine, with water
  • No appearance of mold
  • Humidity level is not too high
  • Monthly operation of garbage disposal
  • Check toilets for leaking
  • Surge suppressor indicators
  • Garage door keypads are in locked position
  • Doors and windows are locked
  • Alarm system is functioning
  • Cars that are on trickle charge indicator lights are showing good function of charger
  • No mold in cars
  • Elevator not on lowest level
  • Hurricane shutters tested monthly
  • Siding, roof line and roof are in good condition
  • Lanai screens not torn or damaged
  • Generators are operational
  • Fuel tanks are full
Outside Includes:
  • Pools
    • Proper water level
    • Clean
    • Timer set properly
  • Lawn is properly maintained and no branches touch the house
  • Sprinkler system
    • Run once a month
    • Is turned on or off depending on needs of lawn
  • Plants and grass are in healthy condition
  • No burrow along house or on property
  • Boat lifts
On Your Arrival:
  • Set all clocks
  • Turn Icemaker on (few days in advance so there is ice)
  • Air conditioner is set and running
  • Hot water heater is on
  • All lights are working
  • Cars will start
  • If late arrival all outside lights are on (no additional charge if on a weekend)
  • Elevator is functioning
  • Phone lines are working
  • Garbage disposal is running
  • Special requests of customer are handled

Each home is as unique as are the requirements of each homeowner. We work with you to come up with a plan to meet your needs.

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